Keep it ever so slightly real. 
Trust. That's "why" this website. To give you a feeling about who I am as a person, student, and teacher so that I get a shot to prove you right. It is because I believe in what we can achieve together, for you, that I can curate this digital presentation of who I think I am without getting nauseous ā€“ I mean, do you ever get the feeling that life has become so much about promoting the thing and not enough about doing the thing?  I feel the best when Iā€™m connected; teaching, writing, cooking, playing. Being interested in you connects me. 

What inspires you?  What do you want out of your practice? What do you love?  What hurts? What do you need to heal? Let's turn your light towards a path of less resistance.  Let's up your skill and turn your effort into grace.