Keep it ever so slightly real. 
Trust. That's "why" this website. To give you a feeling about who I am as a person, student, and teacher so that I get a shot to prove you right. It is because I believe in what we can achieve together, for you, that I can curate this digital presentation of who I think I am without getting nauseous – I mean, do you ever get the feeling that life has become so much about promoting the thing and not enough about doing the thing?  I feel the best when I’m connected; teaching, writing, cooking, playing. Being interested in you connects me. 

What inspires you?  What do you want out of your practice? What do you love?  What hurts? What do you need to heal? Let's turn your light towards a path of less resistance.  Let's up your skill and turn your effort into grace. 

Watch Now: Graduates of Benjamin Sears' Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training share their experience of the profound impact of the program.

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Benjamin recovered from two herniated discs, five knee surgeries and the traumatic suicide of a loved one through consistent yoga practice.  A perpetual student and thusly a deeply knowledgeable teacher, Benjamin is Yoga Journal Influencer who in 2007 founded LUXYOGA, a wellness and lifestyle experience in the South of France named the world’s premier yoga retreat and featured by Esquire, Vogue, Yoga Journal, and many others. Benjamin leads seminars worldwide, mentors yoga teachers, and leads acclaimed 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs.

Benjamin graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has studied with the masters to earn multiple certifications across diverse systems. He staffed the Bikram Yoga College of India Teacher Training after receiving his certification, completed the Dharma Mittra Yoga 500 hour Training, two Forrest Yoga Advanced Trainings, has immersed in modalities including Ashtanga Yoga, the Ido Portal Movement Method, Modern Dance, and continues his studies with Abbie Galvin of Katonah yoga, Functional Range Conditioning and other science-based movement-optimization techniques, Ayurveda, anatomy, bodywork, mindfulness meditation, Mantra practice, and energy healing. As a bit of a Yoga renaissance man, Benjamin is able to teach the modalities he has studied in their original forms, but is deeply passionate about an ever-evolving practice that draws upon all of his experience to best serve the needs of his students. 

Benjamin believes that to teach yoga is to extend physical empathy beyond one’s own body and now travels the world inspired to help students practice yoga in healing way. His therapeutic teaching style helps real people live better through yoga. Benjamin’s ability to connect the poses to your body and the practice to your life in a practical and poetic way empowers students to appreciate the present and develop an action plan to progress. He recognizes that the students do their own work and hopes to help them stay safe and enjoy the process. 

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa

Benjamin Sears’ signature practice, Sacred Geometry Yoga, transcends any one style of yoga by empowering students with universal measures and self-mapping techniques. Intensity, sustainability, tradition and modernity form a practical magic square of mindful development through skillful action.  Two proven sequences form the basis for infinite yet conceptually consistent and thus therapeutically powerful expansion. When the system is sound, the challenge reflects potential.